Ballot Imaging Kit

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THE INCUMBENT AND THE CHALLENGER By  Lulu Friesdat On August 30th incumbent Florida Congresswoman and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman

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John Brakey Asks Pima County to Cease Litigation and Allow Publicly Verifiable Elections

Nobody, of course, is holding their breath while Pima County’s Board of Supervisors do the right thing. The second phase

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Judge Richard Gordon Rules in Favor of Preserving Ballot Images in Pima County

A victory for the electorate in Pima County! In Pima County, Judge Richard Gordon ruled in favor of preserving the

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Litigation Over Ballot Images Continues In Pima County Tomorrow Morning

To all, please be in court tomorrow with us tomorrow at 10AM. Clearly the ballot images are part of the

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Citizens’ Oversight Responds to Padilla’s “Okay to Rig the Election” Letter

CA Secretary of State Argues for Sham AuditsAll rationale in the letter are based on bad logic and inaccuracies, leaving

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