Aug 242016

Presidential Candidate Rocky De La Fuente joined plaintiff Richard Hernandez, a Tucson School District Chairman and election integrity advocate, in the lawsuit aimed at preventing Pima County from destroying the ballot images in newer ES&S voting machines.

During the primary election cycle, De La Fuente discovered many instances when people were thrown off the voter roles, forced to vote on provisional ballots and unable to vote at all due to the drastically reduced polling locations. After seeing this happen during his presidential primary campaign in the Democratic Party, De La Fuente has stated that he will make election integrity a key issue as he runs for a senate seat in Florida.

Activists in Florida are equally concerned about the predicament of ballot images as 75% of the state will use the same machines in the general election.

While hand counted paper ballots are the best way to discourage cheating in elections, true graphical scans of the ballots can be an alternate means for verifying elections, especially when they are cross referenced with the actual ballot.

Newer models of the ES&S voting machines acquired last fall by Pima County have an added capability of generating ballot images which are created while the machine counts the physical ballots.

According to Pima County Elections Director Brad Nelson, there is not enough space to save the images during the election, so they delete them after each time they count a batch of ballots.

Arizonans close to this issue doubt Pima County Elections lack the basic computer acumen to manage image files. Some have suggested they drive Mr. Nelson over to the nearest electronics store to buy him a terabyte hard drive. Instead, they’re filing a lawsuit to protect the ballot images, which are actually used by the machines to tabulate the election results.  That makes them part of the chain of custody.

Hernandez and De La Fuente filed suit today with the help of John Brakey of AUDIT AZ.

Here is the complaint(pdf).

AUDIT AZ needs to recover $4,500.00 in legal fees. Your donations could help. Due to the generosity of those who saw the first notice, we have received over $300.00 in donations to bring the cost below $4,200.00.

Please consider a donation to AUDIT AZ. Help them cover their legal costs.

Democratic Presidential Candidate “Rocky” De La Fuente Acknowledges Primary Election Fraud

Richard Hernandez Encourages Election Integrity Commission “Don’t Be Bullied, Don’t Be Threatened”

Aug 192016

J.T. Waldron

Arizona election integrity advocates learned that the biggest lies are found not in the lie itself, but in what was purposefully left out.  They learned this through Pima County and its elections division.

Those following Arizona’s infamous election shenanigans may remember the story of how Pima County’s Election Integrity Commission (EIC) spent a great deal of time and effort establishing the importance of physically separating vote-by-mail ballots into their precincts before commencing with their legally required one-percent hand count audit.

Prior to all of this effort and discussion taking place, a memo had surfaced during litigation that showed how Elections Director Brad Nelson had secretly solicited a waiver from the Secretary of State excusing Pima County from taking this very step.  At that time, AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett had already agreed to this waiver, so Pima County was the only voting district not required to do this separation before the audit.

After this waiver was quietly requested and granted, Pima County’s representation in these meetings was taped as they feigned ignorance about the waiver and continued to sit in and listen as the EIC deliberated for hours over the importance of that very same waived procedure.


AUDIT-AZ founder John Brakey addresses the EIC. (Video below).

This behavior is abhorrent enough, but if you imagine an entity engaging in this sort of deception for eight months, you may get a sense of how flippant and disrespectful Pima County acts towards its own commission as well as the electorate.

Last fall, new voting machines were introduced to a number of Arizona counties, including Pima.   These machines are called ES&S DS850’s and they have a very helpful auditing technology using graphical scans of the ballots counted.  A graphical scan is made of each ballot that is run through the machine.  The resulting ballot image is what the machine actually uses to count with, so it becomes an integral part of the ballot chain-of-custody.

Pima County’s Election Integrity Commission, a volunteer organization that Pima County developed as a result of litigation surrounding a rigged bond election, meet regularly to discuss various issues involving election transparency.  The goal of most of its members is to improve the integrity of elections in Pima County.

This time, members interested in election integrity saw a great opportunity in the ballot images generated by these new voting machines. The images, as a public record, could be used to help verify the count.

During the process of finding the best way to proceed with verifying elections that took place this year, EIC Chair Tom Ryan, a computer professor from the University of Arizona, begun working with the county to host talks by ES&S Vice President Ken Carbullido and statistician Dr. Phillip Stark. In lengthy deliberations lasting through two elections, the commission recommended incorporating any one of three options for a reliable technique to use ballot images as a means of verifying the count.

That’s when Pima County Elections employee Tom Quigley let slip that they have destroyed all the ballot images. They had been destroying them regularly after each day’s count during the elections.

The ballot images themselves are crucial to the chain of custody for all of the elections that took place since last fall, including the Arizona Primary election. So a Federal election had its chain of custody destroyed.

The excuse? Director Nelson tried to claim that the images where too memory intensive to fit in a 40 gigabyte partition. This was quickly dismissed by members as it was determined that all the ballot images in a Pima County election require approximately 24 gigabytes.

So, once again, Pima County misled their own Election Integrity Commission by failing to disclose that those ballot images they were deliberating about for eight months had already been destroyed.  John Brakey filed a public records request covering a variety of documents and files surrounding ES&S and Pima Elections.

When Secretary of State Michelle Reagan was alerted of this dilemma, she put forth the specious argument that she can’t approve of using ballot images to verify elections without legislation creating a law that permits her to do so. As Jim March Simpson from BlackBoxVoting puts it:

That’s not how public records laws work.  If the stuff exists and the legislature has NOT exempted it, it’s wide open.

The AZ SoS has it exactly backwards.

Jim March Simpson was an integral part of the litigation against Pima County that yielded the largest batch of electronic elections data in U.S. history.

In the EIC meeting that followed, John Brakey addressed what he had observed and heard since last December and why there was no valid reason for destroying the ballot images.

Below is an audio clip of Pima Elections employee Tom Quigley’s revelation that the ballot images are destroyed.

Jul 242016

­­This letter from Attorney Cliff Arnebeck that is BEYOND ANYTHING Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 1.13.41 PMyou’ve probably ever read about the rigging of elections in the US. permission to release it is in the last line of the letter.

I warn you, it is probably the most shocking expose you will ever read- and most people cannot wrap their heads around the level of corruption in the US. You may have to “come up to speed” to learn about Mike Connell, who is mentioned. There are movies on Youtube that show what happened to him.

From Cliff Arnebeck  on July 23rd,

In my July 7, 2014 letter to AG Lynch I describe FBI Director Comey as a bought and paid for agent of the criminal global corporate cabal engaged in the subversion of democracy in the United States:

“Since July 17, 2008, when I issued document hold notices for: 1) Karl Rove’s White House emails carried over Republican Party private servers at SmarTech in Chattanooga, Tennessee and 2) The U.S. Chamber of Commerce documents relating to the corruption of the judicial system of the United States through its coordination with the Republican Party of illegal corporate expenditures, I have been serving in an acting private attorney general capacity, in waiting, under the Ohio Corrupt Practices Act. My status was “in waiting” because I could not file such empowering litigation until we could acquire testimony of the essential cooperating insider witness who could bring together the full range of this election racketeering conspiracy.

In our case that essential insider witness was Michael Connell, CEO of both NewMedia and GovTech, who was Karl Rove’s IT/Web guru for the full scope of his political operations before, during and after Rove’s tenure in the White House(2001-2007). I took Mike Connell’s deposition on the day before the 2008 Presidential election. <> admitted that the placement of SmarTech in a control position over the 2004 Ohio Presidential election was a subcontract within his contract with the Ohio Secretary of State, but denied that he, Mike Connell, had put them there. On December 19, 2008,Mike Connell was assassinated according to an after-action report delivered to the Cleveland FBI by an informant deemed credible by Intelligence reporter and former NSA analyst Wayne Madsen.

Your decision of yesterday to accept Director Comey’s recommendation not to prosecute Clinton is inconsistent with your previous commitment to rely upon the recommendation of the career non-political attorneys in your office. Comey is a revolving-door political member of the Department of Justice. Comey’s assertion that no responsible prosecutor would undertake to prosecute Hillary Clinton upon the facts developed by the FBI has the appearance of being politically dictated by the same political forces behind the evident rigging of the 2016 Democratic primary election, so as to shift millions of votes from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton.

President George W. Bush appointed James Comey Deputy Attorney General in 2003; he served for two years that included a short stint as Acting Attorney General while John Ashcroft recovered from surgery. In that capacity Comey had to have known of the extraordinarily great amount of evidence that the 2004Presidential election had been stolen and of Karl Rove’s politicization of the Department of Justice. Karl Rove transferred his protégé Stanley Borgia from FBI Headquarters Counterintelligence to the position of Agent in Charge of the Cincinnati Office of the FBI for the purpose of obstructing justice by shutting down the then in progress FBI investigation of the 2004 Presidential election in Ohio. That investigation had already uncovered the flagrant changing of votes from Kerry to Bush in Clermont, Warren and Butler Counties pursuant to the formal request for a federal criminal investigation made by House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers. Under Stanley Borgia the FBI issued a formal finding that the FBI had investigated and found no violations of federallaw. The plain and incontrovertible evidence of the fraudulent manipulation of the 2004 Presidential election, with particular focus upon Ohio, is graphically documented in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s historic article Published on June 01, 2006 by Rolling Stone, “Was the2004 Election Stolen?”

According to Dana Jill Simpson whom we retained as a researcher in regard to the documented fraud in the 2016 Democratic primary: 1) in 2008, when Michael Connell was assassinated James Comey was Senior Vice President/GeneralCounsel for LockheedMartin, this nation’s largest military contractor and the company into whose hanger Connell’s plane was taken after its crash; 2) in 2010 when we arranged service of a deposition subpoena upon Rove and the US Chamber, Comey was the Chairman of Board of Directors of the US Chamber of Commerce’s National Chamber Litigation Center. In that position Mr. Comey played a key instrumental role in achieving the plainly unconstitutional, corrupt and corrupting decision by a five-four vote majority of the Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, No. 08-205, 558 U.S. 310 (2010) and the subsequent fraudulent appearance in the 2010 general election of the largest partisan shift of votes since the Depression and 3) in 2012 when we were involved, again with Ms.Simpson’s professional research assistance, in countering election racketeering activity, Mr. Comey was serving as counsel to BridgewaterAssociates, the largest hedge funding the world and possibly part of the cabal seeking to fraudulently orchestrate the 2012 presidential election in favor of fellow hedge fund executive and Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.”

In my July 12, 2016 letter of Bernie Sanders I describe one of the bases for our confidence in his dramatic victory in the 2016 Democratic Primary:

“Congratulations on winning the overwhelming support of the American people for your candidacy to be President– not for you, but for them.

If the pressures of these past two weeks compel you to say that you give up, it is understandable. As our expert researcher and your fellow whistleblower, Dana Jill Simpson, said at the Columbus, Ohio Broad Street Presbyterian Church last Sunday, “We crucify whistleblowers in this country.”

However, whatever you may say in the face of the ordeal you now suffer, you have been elected to serve us. No one – not even the king of Saudi Arabia or the highest lord of finance and media in the world – can coronate someone else to reign over us.

Exit polls are the international gold standard for measuring the integrity of election results. However, in the United States such exit poll shave to be adjusted not once, but twice – before and after being taken – to compensate for the fraudulent manipulation of votes that regularly takes place. In your election in the 2016 Democratic primary in Ohio, the end of day exit poll result showed you winning10% more than the result recorded on our vulnerable voting machines. However, one must add back the 6% of your vote that was deducted in anticipation of fraud before the poll was taken. Thus, our experts will testify that you won, not only 10% more delegates than recorded, but the majority of the actual votes of Ohioans. And, as Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”

In my July 14, 2016 letter to Attorney General Lynch I report my discovery of the incredible fact that Karl Rove’s covert ops team has been collaborating with the Clinton covert ops team since at least as far back as the 2000 Presidential election, and that the same guy who installed live-stream listening and viewing devices within Al Gore’s Tennessee home in 2000 created the advanced technology electronic election rigging system being used for the first time in this 2016 election:

“Since writing you last week I have been reliably informed that persons acting on behalf of the Clintons collaborated with Karl Rove before the finalization of the 2000 Presidential election to illegally pressure Al Gore to terminate his challenge to the 2000 election result. And further, that the results of this collaboration were again used to illegally pressure Al Gore to not seek the office of President in the 2008 election.

I have been reliably informed that Mikey Cunnyngham, the technical genius of ST3and SmarTech in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was the principal agent of Karl Rove, both in the criminal activity that compromised Al Gore in 2000 and 2008 and in the mass electronic vote count rigging that robbed Bernie Sanders’ voters of their votes cast for him and their victory in the 2016 Democratic Primary.”


Please help counter the concerted effort being made by the Clinton/Rove team to suppress, distort, and/or co opt my public notices of this information by sharing it through your avenues, as you see fit.




Jul 152016

Video courtesy of Sane Progressive

Jul 142016

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