Who Is John Brakey?

John Brakey addresses the “Don’t Let them Steal Your Vote” conference in Los Angeles on May 29th, 2016.

John Roberts Brakey is an elections investigator, election integrity advocate and former business owner. He is a co-founder of AUDIT AZ (Americans United for Democracy, Integrity and Transparency in Elections), which assisted with winning the RTA election records lawsuit awarding the plaintiffs the largest yield of electronic elections data in the country to date. Brakey is often referred to as the “sparkplug” who is highly intuitive and skilled at spotting patterns in large volumes of data.

John Brakey and his organization AUDIT AZ have played a major role in

1. helping pass the hand count audit bill in Arizona,

2. winning the release of the largest batch of electronic elections data in U.S. history,

3. winning an appellate court decision for prospective relief in the courts for rigged elections,

4. improving election transparency and verifiability in a school district elections,

5. helping to discourage through publicity Karl Rove’s potential hack of Ohio in 2012   (according to the Justice Integrity Project).

6. stopping Pima County from transmitting election results through phone modems,

7. causing Pima County to form an election integrity commission,

8. making it much more difficult in Arizona to take an early look at election results without  getting caught,

9. winning third party participation as observers into the elections process,

10. winning orders for Maricopa County to follow procedures like signing poll tapes and improving ballot chain-of-custody,

11. placing into the public record numerous occasions when an election district violated the law and educating thousands of people about various election anomalies through the years.

While fighting for transparent, publicly verifiable elections, John Brakey and his team discovered

1. a clandestine vendor programming databases throughout most of the counties in Arizona,

2. various security breaches in central tabulators of many voting districts,

3. that Pima County misled the public about the security of their ballots held as evidence in a major trial,

4. the purchase by Pima County of a crop scanner, whose only conceivable use was for hacking precinct memory cards,

5. that nobody in the State of Arizona is charged with the task of verifying elections,

6. an elections computer operator in Pima County that took elections data home with him on compact discs at night.

Brakey’s accomplishments in the last year include catching election officials in Pima County breaking into their central tabulator by cutting through security tape to obtain illegal entry after the logic and accuracy test was performed.

The general consensus among those familiar with the circumstances is that Brakey caught Pima County trying to rig another bond election like they did in the 2006 RTA election, where Pima County admitted in a court document to rigging as a “discreet incident of indiscretion”.

Last spring, Brakey filed a legal challenge to the Arizona Presidential Primary election, which placed on the record testimony of poll worker Diane Post, who explained how electronic poll books were assigning Democratic voters Republican ballots and, contrary to the County Clerks public assertions, encountered ballot shortages. It also included testimony of statistician Richard Charnin, who placed on record the discrepancy between real exit polls and actual results.

Now, Brakey is introducing and promoting the use of certain machines that numerically peg ballot images to their corresponding physical ballots. This novel approach was developed in Pima County’s Election Integrity Commission chaired by computer professor Tom Ryan. For more information about how we can take away election officials’ impunity to cheat BEFORE the general election, see the Ballot Imaging Kit.